I believe that art should be a leading force in society.

I am more interested in engaging and challenging audiences than catering to pre-existing and predominant aesthetic criteria.

I strive to create thought-provoking, innovative work that is relevant to contemporary audiences by presenting new plays and classics in new forms, without compromising the meaning of the written text.

I believe that the purpose of art is to understand the essence of human nature and enrich the human spirit, heart and mind.

Achieving this requires passion, patience, hunger for truth and desire to look beyond temporal and geographical boundaries.

In practice as well as teaching, I treat art as an ongoing practice that does not end when you leave the working space.

Just as art and life are inextricably linked, so are teaching and research.

I consider my classroom a laboratory in which, along with well established techniques, we explore new forms of expression and often these forms feed into productions I subsequently direct.

Likewise, each production brings new understanding and nourishes the classes that I teach.

This continuous, ongoing process elevates the work and allows me to keep growing with each new show and each new group of students.